"New" project partner @ Di-Plast

As a new project partner in the Di-Plast consortium, the Semantic
Information System group at Osnabrück University supports the consortium
with data science and artificial intelligence capabilities, knowledge on
data engineering and human-centered analytics, as well as according
skills in software engineering and system design.
The research of the ROSEN-Group-Endowed Chair of Semantic Information
Systems and the according research group, headed by Prof. Dr. Martin
Atzmueller, centers around Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Its
major focus is on machine learning and data mining on complex data such
as graphs, networks, and temporal data, also with a human-centered
perspective. The overal goal is develop methods and systems in order to
'make sense' of complex information and knowledge processes - leveraging
the massive amounts of data collected in science and industry by
intelligent analytics and semantic interpretation.


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