3D scanning Gare Villeneuve St. Georges (FR)

Digital Deconstruction is an innovated Interreg North West Europe project in which smart services are developed to make circular construction possible and the environment green. The project aims to develop a digital decision support system, integrating various digital tools. One of these tools is the 3D scanning of the buildings on pilot sites in France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Belgium.

In Villeneuve (FR) project partners Greenflex, Vilogia and AREP started the 3D scanning of the buildings and the area around the buildings. They scanned Gare Villeneuve Saint Georges as this building needs to be deconstruct in 2022. What did the scanner do?  

Greenflex: “It looks a little bit like a science fiction movie seeing the man walking with the scanner on his body, scanning the building step-by-step.
Step-by-step as this is needed to scan every meter carefully. 
He scanned 
station offices (cloak room, technical rooms, surveillance room, upstairs offices, etc.) as well as on the 3 different platforms of the station, the corridors to access them, the reception hall of the station and its exterior and its adjacent car park, which represents approximately 1000 square meters. 
The results of the 3D scan give us a complete visualization of the site and thus see the possibilities of rehabilitation.
It is 
very useful for architects, as it allows them to avoid multiple site visits and to better visualize the changes/works to be carried out.
The re-use strategy for this pilot has already been validated (glass panes in the glass roof, floor slab, facade block in particular), with re-use on site.

The actual deconstruction of the station is due to start at the beginning of 2022, and aims to rehabilitate Villeneuve Saint Georges station, notably by enlarging the arrival area for passengers, before validating their tickets, in order to be able to accommodate more people at a certain time.  

3D scanning Gare Villeneuve Saint Georges (FR)

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