International partner meeting Energiesprong E=0 and Transition Zero

Berlin, Germany

29 May 2018 - 30 May 2018

The first pilots in the UK and France are completed and further pilots in the UK, France, Luxembourg and also Germany are under development. Volume deals are in progress both in new built and retrofit. But there is still much to be done. All actors are aware of the major changes needed in the building sector to deliver NZ homes. For example the current chain from the contractor to sub contractors to wholesalers to product suppliers and material suppliers has to be streamlined. This disruption of the business as usual creates a big opportunity for forward thinking actors. Once the demand for net zero solutions grows the building supplies industries than can start to specialize on components fit for net zero. As volumes increase prices can drop and the solutions get better tuned for net zero and get stronger guarantees.

The major obstacle faced is getting from a small demand for net zero homes at high prices to a tuned supply chain that will deliver net zero retrofits and new build at the right price and quality levels. To bring the European partners together will help to make a next step into an international mass market for net zero energy products.
Overall Objective

The overall objectives of the meeting will be: How to get costs down, get monitoring in place, get long term performance assured in an affordable and credible way and make sure solutions are scalable within Energiesprong countries and on EU-level. During the two days partners attend several knowledge and working sessions.

The 29th will be a dedicated international Transition Zero working day while the 30th will be an international E=0 working day.

For more information contact Harmke Bekkema, or Sanne de Wit,

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