UK financing workshop: show me the money!


16 March 2017


A workshop was held on 16 March 2017 with the twin aims of helping housing providers learn more about financing options for low energy retrofit and new build, and of enabling E=0 project participants and Energiesprong members to consider their requirements and conditions for financing projects.


The workshop was attended by over 30 people, including housing providers, solution providers, finance experts and members of the Energiesprong team.


Arno Schmickler of Energiesprong UK gave an introductory presentation to set the scene for the day before delegates were asked to consider what perfect finance would look like from the perspectives of the housing provider, the solution provider and the finance provider.


Delegates then heard perspectives from three finance providers: Alex Gilbert from Amber Infrastructure, Joe Unsworth from Calvin Capital and Stephen Huller from BNP Paribas. Ben Coombes from the Greater London Authority also shared some insights gained from a study of the potential for an Energiesprong approach in London, and identified that technically it works well.


Participants then agreed next steps that could be taken to drive this agenda forward, including making a strong case to Government, understanding the monitoring needs of funders, developing the offer for private householders  and bringing together housing providers, solution providers and finance providers again to pin down the finance detail.


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