Energiesprong impresses with its stand at Futurebuild

Energiesprong partners made a made a powerful impression at Futurebuild in London with a stand projecting the transformative effect of Energiesprong makeovers. Sponsored by solution provider ENGIE, the eye-catching Energiesprong stand occupied a 90m² island in the Energy Hub.

Energiesprong experts were on hand to answer questions from visitors for the full three days of the trade fair at ExCel in London between Tue 5 - Thu 7 March. The stand was managed by the Energiesprong team with the help of experts from solution providers ENGIE and Melius Homes, architects GSA, and social housing providers Moat and Nottingham City Homes.

Reuters shine spotlight on Energiesprong

Partners seized the opportunity to inspire and alert visitors to the possibility of joining the growing UK net zero energy market for retrofit and new build. On 5 March Ian Hutchcroft of the Energiesprong UK team presented to a full house of over 140 policy makers, supply chain, landlords at a breakout seminar on scaling up deep retrofit.

Jon Warren, also of the UK team, spoke to a Reuters Technology & Innovation reporter at the stand. His interview features in a Reuters video dedicated to Energiesprong. This video, compiled following the event, has already attracted 40,000 views on Twitter.

The new Reuters video explains succinctly how Energiesprong enables cold, hard to heat houses to be quickly transformed into warm, comfortable, high-performance homes that generate sufficient energy to heat the house, provide hot water and power its household appliances. It also includes some exciting time lapse footage of the Interreg NWE-funded E=0 pilot in Hem in France.

Making a stand

The Energiesprong stand captured visitors’ attention by projecting ‘before and after’ images of Energiesprong demonstrators onto a white, house-shaped canvas. Animation was used to show insulated wall and roof panels slotting into place.

The E=0 pilot in Maldon featured heavily alongside Nottingham and Dutch pilots in Gorredijk and Melick. Visitors to the stand were able to take a look inside two different energy modules supplied by Factory Zero and destined for use in the Maldon E=0 pilot.  They were also invited to watch a dynamic video of the HEM pilot.

Over 450 brands exhibit at Futurebuild, a popular industry trade fair formerly known as Ecobuild. Energiesprong’s presence was made possible by generous financial or in-kind support from stand sponsors ENGIE, Melius Homes, the event organisers and Interreg NWE E=0.

The Interreg NWE E=0 project has supported a total of four Energiesprong pilots - two in the UK and two in France. The stand at Futurebuild was a powerful statement of the transformational potential of Energiesprong retrofits and the green building industry's willingness to embrace and promote it as a volume solution.

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