E-Mental Health: Definitions, Challenges, Experiences

FIAP Jean Monnet - 30 Rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris

22 June 2017

On 13 June the eMEN project hosted its first seminar in France. The event in Paris included participants from different regions in France and the eMEN partner countries. The title of the seminar was ’E-mental health: definitions, challenges, experiences’.

The seminar started with opening speeches, from Jean-Luc Roelandt, the Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health; Oyono Vlijter project leader of the eMEN project (from Arq Foundation, in the Netherlands); Jean-Luc Chassaniol, Director Sainte Anne Mental Health Centre of Paris and Philippe Leborgne, Deputy Director of Mental Health Department of the French Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Mr. Philippe Burnel, from the French Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and responsible for the eHealth strategy of France, continued as first keynote speaker.

There were also presentations from several mental health treatment and research centres: the Sainte Anne Mental Health Centre of Paris, the University Hospital of Lille, the Guillaume Régnier Hospital of Rennes and the University of Thessaly in Greece. Furthermore, several eMEN products were presented: Stopblues, Pesky gNATS, the SAM app and SAM screener.

144 attendees were informed about e-mental health developments in Europe and France. The overwhelming majority of participants reacted positively to the way in which the eMEN project is trying to implement e-mental health, in a responsible and safe way with the end user (patients) as priority.

During the breaks and at the end of the seminar many stakeholders were able to increase their e-mental health network. In France, there is growing interest in e-mental health, from public authorities and other stakeholders.

The next eMEN seminar in France will be in March 2018. 

The day before the seminar the fifth eMEN Steering Committee was organised at the Centre Hospitalier Sainte Anne (Paris). All project partners were present to discuss progress and next steps in the different work packages. For the morning part of the meeting we invited our Project Officer, Mr. Olivier Rohas, from the Interreg Joint Secretariat in Lille. This was an excellent opportunity to discuss our first project report and other technical issues. The project has started 1 year ago and the partners achieved some good results during this time.

The momentum of the eMEN project has further increased!

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