Belgian eMEN partners at 3rd plenary meeting of the European Health Parliament

On February 6th, the Belgian partners attended the 3rd plenary meeting of the European Health Parliament. This multidisciplinary movement aims to connect and empower the next generation of European health leaders to rethink EU health policies and to provide disruptive and actionable solutions for health. The eMEN project was discussed during a debate hosted by the Committee on Disease Prevention & Management, which focuses on how the EU can facilitate disease prevention and management of chronic disease. This session particularly focused on mental health, which hosted by Maaike Droogers (EHP)  an brought together Claudia Marinetti (Director at Mental Health Europe), Johan Bilen (Vice-president of the section on Public Mental Health, European Public Health Association) and Tom Van Daele (Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, on behalf of the eMEN project). EHP has just released a YouTube video with some highlights of the event; you can find this video here. 

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