eMEN (draft) Transnational Policy for e-Mental Health presented in Brussels at the Directorate General for Health & Food Safety of the European Commission.

On November 11th the draft ‘Transnational Policy for e-mental health’ was presented at the office of DG Health & Food Safety in Brussels. Staff of Unit B1 Performance of National Health Systems - part of Unit B, Health Systems, Medical Products and Innovation – attended this meeting as well as staff of the DGs office in Luxembourg, via video. Project leader Oyono Vlijter (Arq) gave a short summary of the project after which Prof. Gaebel (LVR-IVF/University of Düsseldorf) presented the main conclusions and recommendations. Corné Versluis (Arq) and Rebea Lukies (LVR-IVF) also participated in the meeting.

The draft report was received positively by DG Health & Food Safety. It will increase their knowledge about e-mental health implementation barriers and contributes to the integrated health care strategy of the European Commission. DG Health & Food Safety encourages the eMEN consortium to disseminate and discuss the document with other European stakeholders active in the field of (e)mental health.

After the discussion in Brussels the eMEN partners will further update the policy document. The document will be launched early next year after it will be send to relevant stakeholders in all Member States.

After the meeting in Brussels the eMEN partners went to Lille for two days of project meetings and discuss. The project’s 14th Steering Committee took place at the office of EPSM-CCOMS, the eMEN partner from France, in conjunction with the WG product development and long-term. EPSM also invited an external stakeholder to learn more about community based mental health care in France (and how eHealth is used). The eHealth Hub Platform was invited to discuss cooperation in the context of Work Package Long Term. Elena López from TICBioMed (based in Murcia, Spain) presented the online platform and the different business support services which have been developed by the EU funded (Horizon 2020) project.

On November 13th and 14th there were also meetings with French eMEN stakeholders who are interested in some of the products which have been developed. 

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