eMEN focus group meeting wallonia, Belgium

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, eMEN partners Thmoas More and Pulso Europe were not able to organise a survey and focus group in the Walloon psychiatric hospital Le Beau Vallon during the first period of the project. On September 15th it was possible to organise a focus group meeting in Namur in completely safe and corona-proof circumstances.

Ten mental healthcare professionals attended and informed Thomas More and Pulso Europe about their attitudes, views and experiences with the use of e-mental health applications. After the focus group, both the eMEN project and the Moodbuster application – which was a part of the earlier Belgian implementation study – were also presented to these professionals.

Over the course of that day, it became clear that there is a certain demand for concrete eMH applications and guidelines to implement these in practice. In the 2nd phase of the eMEN project, which focuses on capitalisation of the results we obtained so far, we exactly aim to further address those needs.

For more information, please contact Thomas More and Pulso Europe.

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