eMEN main achievements and reflections

Between May 2016 and May 2020 the 10 eMEN partners from 6 EU partner countries in North-West-Europe have successfully cooperated in order to promote the implementation of e-mental health technology. They have documented their main achievements and reflections in a final report ‘eMEN main achievements and reflections’. In this report you will find an overview of the main activities which have been implemented and reflections of the project partners on their role and achievements in the project. 

The second phase of the eMEN project, the capitalization phase, has started on June 1st 2020 and will continue until December 2021. This capitalisation phase will focus on the e-mental health implementation process and rural areas in North-West-Europe. 7 from the 10 eMEN partners will continue their cooperation in the capitalization phase.

Please visit our website for updates on our capiltalisation activities.

eMEN achievements 2016 - 2020

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