eMEN presented at webinar of the Health Working Group (ENVI) of the European Parliament

On November 10th the eMEN project was presented at the webinar of the Health Working Group (of the ENVI committee) of the European Parliament. This webinar was organised to discuss the growing demand for mental health care in Europe, before and as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, and the different initiatives to mitigate this demand. The meeting was chaired by Dolores Montserrat (Member of the European Parliament, and former Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality in Spain) and Sara Cerdas (Medical Doctor and Member of Parliament from Portugal).

During this webinar there were presentations from the European Commission’s DG SANTÉ (on mental health actions), WHO European Region (on mental health needs assessments) and the OECD (on the economic costs and opportunities). The eMEN project was presented by Oyono Vlijter who, as one of the panellist, gave an overview (from minute 13:47) of the e-mental health (eMH) implementation challenges, the different developments on the national level and how Artificial Intelligence could help with improving mental health services. Oyono also presented the eMEN policy recommendations for the implementation of eMH and the importance of more investment in eMH implementation (on national and EU level) in order to mitigate the growing demand. On behave of the eMEN project Oyono asked MEPs to make more funding available for (e)mental health, as we cannot have a strong Europe without strong mental health!   

Please find below a weblink to the video stream of the session.

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