Millennials, Gen Z and mental health (a global survey by Deloitte)

The 2020 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey shows that mental health problems are a serious challenge for millenials (born between 1980s and early 2000s) and Gen Z (born between late 1990s and early 2010s). This survey, which was conducted both before and after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, reveals that even before the pandemic, a large number of millennial and Gen Z workers were frequently suffering from stress and anxiety – common factors that contribute to mental health. Millennials and Gen Zs together account for most of the global workforce. Their mental health issues present an enormous challenge for employers around the world. 

The survey concludes that:

"An overwrought workforce is a less productive one. Unfortunately, the minds of many millennials and Gen Zs are preoccupied by concerns at home, at work and in the world at large. This survey touched on some of the larger causes of stress, but so many more exist. Marriage and relationship problems. Aging parents. Distracted coworkers. Elections. And now, COVID-19. The list is long.
Employee mental health should be a priority for employers, if it’s not already. All employers should research and understand the root causes of mental health issues among workers in general, and their own people in particular—and create or update programs based on their learnings. Effective approaches are good for people and good for business."

The full report of the survey can be dowloaded via the weblink below. 



Millennials, Gen Z and mental health (2020 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey)

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