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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Unfortunately, due to some complaints, not all the webinars will be in English, but they will be made available with English subs. This will be done after the 8th of April and then the whole series will become available. We’ll keep you posted. Sorry for any inconvenience.


At the beginning of 2020, the world was confronted with the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. With this outbreak the demand for online treatment increased dramatically. But not al health personnel knows exactly how to use and treat people with e-mental health (eMH)

E-health Specialists, a company which want to promote the hands on use of e-mental health (eMH), started organizing free webinars on online treatment in March. Tim Wind, scientific coordinator for the EMD-app pilot within the eMEN-project is also a partner of the E-health Specialists. 

The webinars have now been attended by thousands of healthcare professionals and have been very well received. It has made colleagues enthusiastic about working online and has helped to remove the initial hesitation to start. Unfortunately the free webinars are at the moment only available in Dutch.

Many healthcare professionals however have asked E-health Specialists to provide further deepening to facilitate online treatment. For this reason, they are organizing online Masterclasses E-health for the next three weeks. It is a series of 10 webinars given in English and cover the following topics:

25-03-2020, 20:00 - online trauma therapy - Dr. Suzy Matthijssen and Dr. Tim Wind

26-03-2020, 20:00 - online psychodynamic psychotherapy - Prof. Patrick Luyten

27-03-2020, 20:00 - virtual reality - Dr. Albert Skip Rizzo

30-03-2020, 20:00 - online scheme therapy - Dr. Odette Brand, Remco van der Wijngaart and Bram van der Boom

31-03-2020, 20:00 - online care for psychosis / EPA - Marijke van Putten, Nancy Majoor, Bart Vemer

02-04-2020, 20:00 - online group therapy - Dr Haim Weinberg, Bram van der Boom, Pepijn Steures

03-04-2020, 20:00 - online care for Child & Youth - Marley Steeghs, dr. Andreas Lamerz, Bart Vemer

06-04-2020, 20:00 - online addiction care - Prof. Heleen Riper, Judith van Marle and Jorien van den Bosch

07-04-2020, 20:00 - online professional therapy - Joep Kolijn and others

08-04-2020, 20:00 - online CBT and blended treatment for adults and Child & Youth - prof. Dr. Heleen Riper, dr. Yvonne Stikkelbroek and Bart Vemer

Costs Masterclasses e-health

The costs for the entire series are € 99.95 (including VAT). With this amount you can participate in all webinars. If you want to participate in these Masterclasses, register via

Donation research Covid-19

A vaccine to prevent Covid-19 is currently being sought and scientists are developing a drug. Part of the income from these Masterclasses will be donated to institutions / research institutions that focus on this development.

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