Project monitoring visit from the Interreg Joint Secretariat

The Managing Authority (MA) / Joint Secretariat (JS) and the Member States of the Interreg North West Europe programme are very interested in the progress of projects. They want to see successful implementation of innovative technologies which will directly benefit European citizens.


The programme is currently funding almost 60 projects. The eMEN project objectives are monitored by regularly detailed reporting every 6 months. Part of the monitoring system of the Joint Secretariat (located in Lille, FR) are the project visits. Each project will be visited at least once. 


The eMEN project was visited on the 10th of July by the responsible project officer from the Joint Secretariat, Mr. Olivier Rohas. This visit was in Diemen, in the Netherlands, at the head quarters of the lead partner, Arq Foundation. eMEN partners VU, Thomas More and Interapy were also able to join this meeting. All aspects of the project were covered: successes, challenges, delays, the eMS (the online project reporting system), auditing (First Level Controllers), project modifications, impact and spending. The JS was specifically interested in the progress of the eMEN product pilots (the project outputs). Participants elaborated on the many different technical (e.g. cooperation with SMEs/developers) and organisational aspects of the pilots. Learn more about the eMEN product pilot in this product showcase.


There was also a discussion about the different national contexts / health care systems and clinical effectiveness, i.e. timely and more costs effective validation methods for e-mental health technology.


It was a positive and fruitful meeting which will further increase the good cooperation with the Interreg NWE Joint Secretariat in Lille.

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