Project update: results of the focus group on e-mental Health in an inpatient psychiatric hospital (Belgium)

On September 15th 2020 it was possible for Thomas More to organise a focus group meeting in Le Beau Vallon (Namur) in completely safe and corona-proof circumstances. Mental healthcare professionals attended and informed eMEN partners Thomas More and Pulso Europe about their attitudes, views and experiences with the use of e-mental health applications.

The results of the questionnaires and focus groups have been processed now and show that there is a certain demand for concrete e-mental health applications, guidelines and assistance to implement these in practice. The current COVID-19 pandemic can even further drive the need for e-mental health applications to be able to provide continuity in care in light of quarantine measures and physical distancing. The 2nd phase of the eMEN project, which focuses on capitalization of the results we obtained so far, exactly aims to address those needs with a focus on training of mental health professionals in using e-mental health applications.

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