Recent developments in eMental health in Ireland

In March this year, the Mental Health Reform eMEN team in Ireland presented an overview of recent developments in the eMEN project and the eMental health field more generally at the Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference in Ireland. Exhibit 1 shows some of the factors influencing eMental health developments in Ireland at the moment.   

Exhibit 2 shows some of the application areas currently in focus. 

One of the significant features is the coming-together, in various ways, of ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ developments.  eMEN has actively supported developments at both levels, and especially in fostering cross-linkages between them through information exchange, awareness-raising, stakeholder consultations, and other activities.   


From the ‘top-down’ perspective, initiatives by the Department of Health and the Minister with responsibility for mental health are being implemented through pilots in the Health Service Executive (HSE) mental health services at primary and secondary care levels.  A number of these are building on more ‘bottom-up’ initiatives by third sector mental health organisations that have begun to provide eMental health services on their own initiative (including online counselling, online CBT programmes, and other applications).   


Exhibit 3 presents some of the conclusions emerging from the eMEN work in Ireland to date. 

Over the coming months, the Irish team will continue its pilot support work and also its awareness-raising and policy support work to contribute to wider developments in eMental health in Ireland. 

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