Upscaling e‑mental health in Europe: a six‑country qualitative analysis and policy recommendations from the eMEN project

This paper was conducted by:

Wolfgang Gaebel (1,2,3)· R.Lukies (3)· A.Kerst (1,2)· J.Stricker (1,2)· J.Zielasek (3)· S.Diekmann (3)· N.Trost (3)· E.Gouzoulis‑Mayfrank (3)· B.Bonroy (4)· K.Cullen (5)· K.Desie (6)· A.P.Ewalds Mulliez (7)· G.Gerlinger (9)· K.Günther (9)· H.J.Hiemstra (11)· S.McDaid (5)· C.Murphy (8)· J.Sander (9)· D.Sebbane (7,10)· J.L.Roelandt (7,10)· L.Thorpe (8)· D.Topolska (5)· E.Van Assche (4)· T.VanDaele (4)· L.Van den Broeck (6)· C.Versluis (11)· O.Vlijter (11)

1 Department of Psychiatry, Medical Faculty, LVR-Klinikum Düsseldorf, Heinrich-Heine-University, Bergische Landstr. 2, 40629 Düsseldorf, Germany; 2 WHO Collaborating Centre for Quality Assurance and Empowerment in Mental Health, Düsseldorf, Germany; 3 LVR-Institute for Healthcare Research, Cologne, Germany; 4 Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, Geel, Belgium; 5 Mental Health Reform, Dublin, Ireland; 6 Pulso Europe, Leuven, Belgium; 7 WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health-EPSM Lille-Métropole, Lille, France; 8 Mental Health Foundation, London, UK; 9 German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics e.V. (DGPPN), Berlin, Germany; 10 Inserm, Clinical Epidemiology and Economic Evaluation Applied to Vulnerable Populations (ECEVE), Paris Diderot University, Paris, France; 11 Stichting Arq, Diemen, The Netherlands


Mental disorders are the largest contributor to chronic disability and the third largest cause of disease burden, measured in disability-adjusted life years. In the European Union, 17.3% of the adult population is estimated to experience a mental disorder each year. The field of e-mental health (eMH) promises options of accessible, high quality, and affordable mental health care in connection with existing mental healthcare services. However, thus far, general and country-specific legal and administrative barriers limit the upscaling of eMH in Europe. Thus, the e-Mental Health Innovation and Transnational Implementation Platform North-West Europe (eMEN) aimed to develop recommendations for the implementation of eMH services in Europe based on status analyses in six European countries

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