Discover the future of shared mobility and data exchange in the Netherlands

The supply and use of shared mobility are growing steadily in the Netherlands, and digitalisation opens up a world of opportunities for developing mobility policies. How? By using user data that provide insight into the actual use of shared transport. However, sharing this data between local governments and mobility providers is not without risks, especially in terms of privacy. Therefore, the municipalities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Groningen have developed a privacy-proof working method together with shared mobility providers and others: City Data Specification Mobility (CDS-M).

CDS-M enables secure data exchange between governments and mobility providers and is now available to all governments.

The cooperating parties and the National shared Mobility Programme are launching a series of magazines showing how mobility policies benefit from data exchange. They also offer insights into how CDS-M works.

Find out here how we can build the mobility system of the future in a safe, efficient and privacy-conscious way.


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