eHUBS: an intrinsic part of the future mobility

On March 10th, eHUBS participated at the 5th edition of the Conference on Smart Mobility Services (CoSMoS), organised by Bayern Innovativ in Ingolstadt (Germany).

The pitch presentation of the eHUBS project was not the only one covering the topic of electric and shared mobility stations. In fact, the idea of concentrating different electric and shared mobility modes at stations in specific locations of the urban space was one of the main scenarios presented with regards to the future of urban mobility. Michael Fischer, from the Volkswagen start-up WeShare, pictured the following scenario: “The mobility of the future in city centres will be organised around mobility stations, which will provide reliable, practical and sustainable mobility offers to the end users.” According to him, the mobility stations will be complemented by free floating shared mobility services to allow scalability for the mobility providers.

This view was supported by numerous services and products showcased by some companies at the accompanying exhibition. Innovametal, for example, presented several innovative solutions for infrastructure for bike and car-sharing stations. These solutions can be used in multimodal mobility points in city centres, in company fleets or in residential complexes and provide safe and convenient parking and charging of electric shared vehicles. On the other hand, the Park Sensor presented by the Smart City System GmbH allows monitoring the occupancy status of parking slots in real time. This information is especially relevant for stationary shared mobility services to control the availability of vehicles in each station. Finally, eFlow Europe GmbH presented some of their eBikes models, which can be also used as shared vehicles.

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