eHUBS at the Polis Conference 2019 and at the NWE Making an impact Event

They have been busy weeks on the dissemination front for eHUBS, with the project featuring between the end of November and the beginning of December at two of the most important events at EU-level on the theme of sustainability.

On 28 November, eHUBS took the stage at the Polis Conference in Brussels during the session on New Mobility Services: regulation and cooperation. Johannes Rodenbach from, in its presentation on policy recommendations for carsharing, highlighted that the creation of hubs of shared and electric mobility is part and parcel of an integrated policy to promote carsharing and reduce the number of private cars in urban areas.

On 4 and 5 December, the eHUBS project attended with a stand the Interreg North-West Europe Making an impact event in Tourcoing, where more than 70 projects funded by Interreg North-West Europe showcased their work and had the chance to interact with one another on their achievements and on opportunities for transnational cooperation. eHUBS, as the only featured project on the field of electric and shared mobility, exhibited the work done so far by project partners and pilot cities. Particular interest from participants was raised by the showcase of the prototype of an interactive eHUB mobility dashboard, which gives the users access to realtime information about public transport options and on alternative mobility modes, such as carsharing, bike-sharing and e-scooters, available in the vicinity of the eHUB. The goal of the project is to further develop this prototype into a fully functional version where a user can access all mobility information fast and easy.

If you missed eHUBS at these events, stay tuned for many more to come in 2020!

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