eHUBS featured at a number of mobility events in fall 2020

The project has been involved lately in a number of international mobility events this year, with the objective of showcasing the work that the pilot cities and their supporting partners have been involved in since the start of the project in April 2019.

Even though the COVID-19 outbreak prevented the possibility of having live events for most of 2020, the project has readily adapted to the new reality represented by online conferences and attended many of the most important European urban mobility fora that were shifted online.

Between 9 and 11 September 2020, our research partners Gustav Bösehans (Newcastle University) and Elnert Coenegrachts (University of Antwerp) have participated to the European Transport Conference, presenting respectively their work on exploring people’s attitudes towards eHUBS and on the definition of different prototypes of business models for public-private partnership for eHUBS.

On 1 October, the eHUBS project coordinator at the City of Amsterdam Diederik Basta participated to the Urban Mobility Days, the flagship conference organised by the European Commission on the topic of sustainable and innovative urban mobility. He presented the eHUBS project and attended a panel together on “integrating shared mobility services in urban ecosystem”, together with major exports on the topic from public and the private sector.

On 4 November, Debbie Dekkers from the City of Amsterdam presented the eHUBS concept at the Autonomy Digital Conference in a session promoted by POLIS on the topic of “Reshaping our streets for new mobility solutions”.

On 18 November, it was the turn of Emma Costa Argemi and Jennifer Reinz-Zettler of Bayern Innovativ to showcase the activities of our project at the NaKoMo Summit organised by the German Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

And lastly, it was the POLIS Conference, held online between 30 November and 3 December that provided a great visibility to the achievements of eHUBS. In partnership with the Arnhem-Nijmegen City Region. In the opening “Meet the Dutch” session, Jasper Meekes of the City of Nijmegen and Niels Hagen of URBEE took the audience to a virtual tour of the eHUBS in the Arnhem and Nijmegen and explained how a well-designed public-private partnership works for the benefit of all transport users. Bram Seeuws of presented the work done by its organisation in cooperation with the eHUBS project to foster the concept of eHUBS and the various stages of planning, promotion and deployment of shared mobility hubs in Belgium. And Tjalle Groen of Taxistop shed light on the contribution of the project to make the TOMP API the standard for eHUBS and MaaS.

See all links to the presentations provided by partners and the recordings of the sessions in text and don’t forget to follow our project on Twitter and Linkedin to be always updated with the eHUBS events!

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