eHUBS partners Mpact and the city of Amsterdam presented the TOMP-API and CDS-M data standards

Last December, the eHUBS project held 2 webinars, one in English and one in French, where the two data-sharing standards endorsed by the eHUBS project were explained, the TOMP-API and CDS-M.

The CDS-M standard, a data model designed to share real-time information between shared mobility operators and government authorities, was explained by the city of Amsterdam. During the presentation, it was highlighted the importance of building and disseminating such data-sharing standards amongst cities to help achieving urban mobility policy goals through means of making the right policy interventions supported on real evidence of what is happening on the streets. CDS-M was also built as an agreement framework based on the European privacy regulations, which ensures its implementation all over Europe.

The TOMP-API, a technical specification of how to exchange data between Transport Operators and MaaS providers, was explained by Mpact. During the presentation, it was stressed the importance of the standardization of data sharing with the MaaS ecosystem to:

  • Get mobility modes integrated faster and easier into a MaaS-like platform.
  • Facilitate regulation for mobility modes.
  • Create fair and equal opportunities for all players
  • Offer cities/municipalities insights in the use of mobility on their territory

Finally, some aspects about how will be the future of the TOMP-API were discussed, including the launch of the latest version of the API in early 2022.

Check all presentations and the full recording in English here, under the tab "presentations".

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