eHUBS successfully applied for the Interreg NWE call for capitalization

The eHUBS project is happy to announce that its application for the second call for capitalization initiatives was successful. This translates with the addition of new activities, partners, and funds for the project, with the aim of maximizing the impact of the project results and of bringing further added value to the new replication cities and regions, which have embarked in the piloting of shared and electric mobility hubs.

The new partners that will join the existing project partnership are the following: Taxistop vzw, Mobipunt vzw, Electricity Supply Board, The Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership, and the Public Service of Wallonie Mobility and Infrastructure, Transport Organizing Authority.

An additional EU-funding of €2.1 mln was allocated to the new set of activities proposed by the consortium, which will build on the current experience and knowledge matured in the first two years of the eHUBS project and aim at replicating the eHUBS experience in other European contexts. These actions have the ultimate objective of provide an estimated reduction of 308 tons of CO2 in the new cities that have joined the project partnership.

The activities that will be undertaken in the context of the capitalization call have started in April 2021 and concern several aspects: the deploying and piloting of eHUBS in three new cities and regions (Dublin, Inverness, and Wallonia); the establishment of a structured dialogue between cities and transport operators, in order to support the uptake of the TOMP-API standard and discuss datasharing standards; the involvement of further replication cities and transport operators in new and existing regions and update of the eHUBS blueprint; and, the investigation of the eHUBS potential to deliver sustainable transport in the new pilot sites.

Keep following eHUBS and its activities to make shared and electric mobility hubs a reality in European cities and regions!

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