ESB launching 14 eHUBS in Dublin this Summer!

ESB is delighted to launch 14 eHUBS in Dublin this summer. The eHUBS will facilitate up to 112 eBikes as part of a pilot rental scheme, ESB eBikes. Each eHUB comprises charging stations for 8 eBikes available for the public to rent. The scheme aims to reduce city congestion and transport emissions by offering an alternative to private car usage while also promoting a healthy method of travelling that saves commuters time and money.

ESB eBikes will be coordinated by ESB with operational support from mobility solution providers, Bleeper and Moby. Bleeper and Moby have both delivered successful bike rental schemes in the city in recent years and ESB is using their unique expertise and experience to ensure ESB eBikes offers an accessible, affordable, and sustainable transport solution for Dublin commuters.

ESB has also been working closely with all four Dublin local authorities to determine the optimum location of the eHubs to suit commuter needs. After these consultations, all 14 locations have now been finalised. The full list of the locations is available below.

eHUBS Locations


Yellow Walls

Dun Laoghaire





Crown Plaza Hotel - Blanchardstown

Park West Business Campus

Crowne Plaza Hotel Dublin - Airport



Maldron Hotel, Newlands Cross


The scheme is aimed at commuters travelling from the outskirts of Dublin city and beyond who would normally drive to the city centre. Therefore, ESB will locate the eHUBS on the main commuter routes into Dublin where congestion is high to incentivise car users to switch to the scheme. The locations have also been chosen to ensure they link effectively with other transport methods and with the best cycling infrastructure available in Dublin. When launched, commuters can rent an eBike from a charging station for a day, travel into the city and return the eBike to the same charging station later that day.

 ESB’s next step is to finalise the marketing plan to ensure a high uptake of the scheme when it launches this summer. ESB will use a combination of social media and traditional advertising, radio interviews as well as leveraging existing networks to raise awareness of the scheme. We look forward to sharing more news after we launch!


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