"Hi, we are eHUBS!" Nijmegen and Arnhem prepare to deploy the first eHUBS

From April 2020, 13 eHUBS will be placed in Nijmegen and Arnhem. The two cities have developed an introductory campaign aimed at the Arnhem and Nijmegen residents with the main message: Hi, we are eHUBS. Shared electric mobility in your city.

To make sure that eHUBS are known as a brand, a dedicated visual identity was created, with the recognizable green colour, logo and typography. In order for eHUBS locations to be recognisable, they will be equipped with an information panel, a traffic sign with the eHUBS logo, and branded vehicles: this will guarantee that everybody who walks by, recognizes them.

Additionally, an outdoor advertising campaign has been launched, with the purpose of introducing the eHUBS brand in Nijmegen and Arnhem. Alongside this, inhabitants are being encouraged to inform the municipalities about where they would like an eHUB and what kind of electric vehicles they would prefer. This information is used to design the most ideal eHUB locations and vehicle offer.

The people who demonstrated a positive attitude towards eHUBS will be involved in the process. The result of this would be a movement which grows organically, by creating brand ambassadors from the early beginning of the project.


Disclaimer: Due to the spread of the coronavirus the planning for the deployment of eHUBS may change.

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