HITRANS expands eHUBS across Inverness

Three new docking stations went live on 25th October in the Inverness shared e-bike scheme, HI-BIKE, forming the basis for three neighbourhood eHUBS across the city.  The docks, in the Culloden, Hilton and Kinmylies areas of the city, each have 10 docks and add 20 additional bikes to the system, bringing the total to 6 docking stations, 50 eBikes and 3 virtual stations at destination locations.  We are currently working with our project partner Highland Council to identify further sites for expansion of HI-BIKE in early 2023.

 October is the first anniversary of the HI-BIKE scheme, which has shown strong use despite launching during the covid-19 pandemic!  Over the first 12 months users of the scheme made over 4,800 trips covering 16,451 miles, and there are just over 1000 active members.  HITRANS expects rides and membership to increase over the next 12 months as the bikes are introduced into more residential areas of the city. 

HITRANS has also placed an order for eCargo bikes that will complement HI-BIKE and integrate into the existing docking stations – meeting different user needs and offering an opportunity to transport goods around the area sustainably. Real time information upgrades and car club vehicles are also in development at key hub locations to help promote low carbon travel across the area.

 The eBikes can be booked either through the HI-BIKE app, or by using the Go-HI Mobility as a Service app, which is useful if the bikes are used as the last phase of a multi-modal journey on public transport.

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