How can eHUBS become more attractive?

How can electric and shared mobility stations, so-called eHUBS, be made so attractive that people move away from private vehicles to shared e-mobility?

That was the main question in the session that Bayern Innovativ, one of the eHUBS project partners , asked to the participants of the ADAC Mobility Bar Camp on July 16th, 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.

A differentiated audience of More than thirty mobility professionals contributed with numerous ideas for the optimal design of eHUBS. As displayed in the graphic below, There were suggestions for very different aspects related to the design of eHUBS: layout, mobility services being offered and the possible additional services to improve the quality of stay, best location of eHUBS, pricing and payment options, information being provided via app, as well as how to involve the users and the community into this new concept.

One thing is clear: eHUBS could be much more than just a place with different electric and  shared mobility solutions. They could become a pivotal point of the social life of the city, performing as community meeting points and at the same time as “leisure center”, as some participants called it. These would include coffee shops, small food stalls, playing grounds for children, and even different shared and sustainable services of all kinds, like repair shops with shared tools, recycling/upcycling station, food sharing, etc.

Whether these features will be integrated into the eHUBS pilot cities during the next two years or not, it is still an open question. In any case, Bayern Innovativ, on behalf of the eHUBS project consortium  warmly thanks all the participants for their valuable ideas. These will certainly make the eHUBS project more successful!

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