Increasing the attractiveness of eHUBS in Leuven

To make eHUBS multifunctional and attract multiple user profiles, Leuven added some extra services to multiple eHUBS in the form of (a) parcel machine(s). During several participation meetings for eHUBS this option was requested by local residents. These machines for receiving and shipping packages are also part of the larger pilot project of sustainable and smart urban distribution.

Provider bpost has committed itself to supplying the parcel machines within an ecozone with zero emissions from a distribution hub at the border of the inner city (Philipssite). The combination of the eHUBS and electric delivery by means of bicycles, bicycle trailers and e-vans reduces the number of trips (with fuel cars, vans) in Leuven. It is an 'open' system, residents, local merchants and logistics players can use it, thus the number of kilometers driven decreases, both first mile and last mile. We believe that this multifunctional approach has a visual example function that in addition creates habits of residents going to eHUBS and thus will lead to an increased use of eHUBS.


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