Shared and electric mobility hubs: the eHUBS concept and the connection of different modes in a MaaS landscape

On Friday May 29th, an eHUBS webinar took place with the aim of presenting the concept of shared and electric mobility hubs, as developed by the project, and of showcasing the digital side of eHUBS.

After a brief introduction by moderator Bram Seeuws (, Arjen Rodenburg - project coordinator - guided us through the main outputs of the eHUBS project. He highlighted in particular the objective of deploying 92 eHUBS  in 6 partner cities by the end of 2021. In total, thanks to project, 2400 shared LEVs and 670 shared electric vehicles will be taken up in the coming years.

In the second presentation, Tjalle Groen (Taxistop) introduced the audience to the digital side of eHUBS, highlighting their data potential and the development of a digital kiosk and database for eHUBS. This database is based on the TOMP-API, an open working group that works towards a data standard for transport and MaaS-providers. 

The webinar was attended by 117 participants from all over the world, including local governments, consultants, research institutions, and shared and electric mobility providers. 

Watch the full recording of the webinar at this link:

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