TfGM is satisfied with its first eHUBS' operational results!

TfGM is very pleased with how the eHUBS are performing, especially as we move into the warmer months! For example, we have seen over 770 bookings of the e-cargo bikes between Dec-March (with a phased roll out of the fleet). TfGM have been working alongside Cargoroo to understand usage across the different locations and have noticed that the neighbourhood locations are proving especially popular, with regular rentals of the e-cargo bikes. We will continue to monitor this and may change some locations as the project continues. As e-cargo bikes are a relatively new form of transport in the UK, TfGM have been very happy with the sentiment towards the scheme and the positive comments we have received on social media. We plan to continue to promote the Cargoroo scheme online, through dedicated campaigns and by also holding roadshow events when people can come and try the bikes and learn more about the free training available.

TfGM have faced some difficulties in regard to the EVCI, mainly due to delays in the installation and providing connections. However, we do now have 6 car club vehicles operational and both Enterprise and TfGM are pleased with the popularity of the vehicles. The project has been invaluable in providing insight into the development of the future car club strategy.

TfGM, recognise the importance of projects such as eHUBS in terms of helping Greater Manchester develop its approach to shared mobility and the development of mobility hubs, allowing GM to capitalise on substantial investment in active travel infrastructure which is being implemented as part of the Bee Network.

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