The eHUBS Blueprint: A Digital Handbook for Mobility Planners to Create Shared Mobility Hubs

Over the last years the eHUBS project partners have been working hard to literally get the eHUBS on the road. That wasn’t easy at all as the COVID-19 pandemic crashed right into the planning phase and delayed the deployment of all kinds of hardware. As if testing hub-based electric shared mobility across different European countries and contexts wasn’t hard enough already! Nevertheless, the pilot cites and the supporting partners in the project made the eHUBS happen.

One of the major aspects in the eHUBS project has always been to guarantee the accessibility of the results and best practices even beyond the duration of the project. To reach that goal, the eHUBS blueprint was created by project partner Bayern Innovativ GmbH to gather all the important knowledge acquired within the project and make it accessible to everyone.

The blueprint comes about in the form of a free e-learning course. The user can work itself through 10 modules that start with the basics of shared mobility and why there is a need for new forms of mobility in urban areas and end with golden rules and policy recommendations for shared mobility hubs. Mobility planners but also interested individuals can learn what should be considered before starting an eHUBS project and what kinds of business models, forms and shapes are possible for shared mobility hubs, and last but not least, why finding the best location for an eHUB may not always be as straight forward as you would think it is!

The blueprint contains video interviews with the project partners who share their experiences, info texts with insights from the field of electric shared mobility as well as tables and graphs that sum up the most important facts. On top you have access to the download section in every module that provides further information with the deliverables that were created within the project.

The eHUBS blueprint is a living document! As a user you can give direct feedback to tell us where something is missing or where you want extended information. As the eHUBS project is continuing in 2023, the blueprint will be updated with the results of the additional pilot cities and regions Dublin, Inverness/Highlands and the region of Wallonia.

Enter now the free registration and create an account on the eHUBS blueprint platform!


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With your account you can track your progress and restart single modules at any time.

Even though bringing the eHUBS on the street was harder than expected for the eHUBS project, as users of the eHUBS blueprint you can now benefit from the extensive best practices and learnings.

If you have any questions or advice regarding the blueprint, do not hesitate to contact our Bayern Innovativ’s colleagues via e-Mail: and

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