The first digital eHUBS pillar presented in Leuven at the Car-Free Day

On Sunday the 25th of August, the city of Leuven hosted its 11th year ‘Leuven Car-Free Day’, with the inner city forbidden for cars from 10 till 18 o’ clock.

Every year, this initiative is an opportunity for the city to focus on sustainable mobility and to present its vision and plans on making urban transport and mobility more sustainable. This year, the Car-Free Day was the most suitable occasion to update the citizenship on the current status of the eHUBS project (or the Flemish brand, Mobipoint) in the city, together with project partners, Cargoroo and Urbee.

The city’s mobility department held information stands, where the community was provided with updates about the selection process of the locations of electric and shared mobility hubs. In addition, the very first digital eHUB pillar was presented, with information on the shared mobility services provided at the railway station in Heverlee.

The pillar will be a landmark for potential users to spot where shared mobility services are provided. It is over 2m in height and bright green to attract sufficient attention. The pillar can be activated by using a touch screen, in order to access the information and the services provided: namely, means of transport available with reference to the specific provider, information on points of interest in the vicinity, and so on.

The eHUBS project partners Urbee and Cargoroo proudly showcased their e-bikes and e-cargo bikes, which will feature in the eHUBS in Leuven, and provided information on the different forms of car-sharing, such as car made available by a car-sharing provider or peer-to-peer, station-based, or free-floating.


The eHUBS pillar together with e-bikes and e-cargo bikes provided by eHUBS partners Urbee and Cargoroo

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