The Region of Wallonia draws its eHUBS plans!

The territory for the implementation of the eHUBS in Wallonia will be around the railway stations of Namur, Saint-Denis-Bovesse, Gembloux, Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve and Wavre. The concept will be tested in urban and rural areas, and will have a strong connection with public transport. There will be about 155 shared mobility devices, from electric bikes to cars, including electric scooters and cargo bikes, disseminated in 15 hubs. This approach is part of the regional desire to set up an integrated public transport system from the most structuring (national rail network) to the most flexible (local mobility), through the hierarchical regional network of regular public transport.

AOT is piloting the redeployment of the offer for regular public transport across Wallonia and has already produced a Regional Public Transport Plan for the area around Gembloux, which will be implemented by the Transport Operator of Wallonia in 2023. The objective is to offer mobility solutions for the first and last miles around physical locations identified as intermodal hub in areas where public transport services are being redesigned. Also, it is a question of strengthening the link between public transport and new forms of mobility and to contribute to the design and promotion of the concept of eHUBS/multimodal hub in Wallonia, as well as capitalizing on the methodological approach and the communication tools already developed in other regions through the existing eHUBS partners.

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