Wavre is the first city in Wallonia that will replicate the eHUBS experience

The city of Wavre is the first in the Belgian region of Wallonia to express its interest to deploy shared and electric mobility hubs and to cooperate on this objective with the eHUBS project, in particular with the Belgian partner Taxistop.

Paul Brasseur, Alderman of Mobility of the City of Wavre, explained to the Belgian TV Network RTBF that the city is very interested in the concept of eHUBS, with the aim to meet the challenge of making the city’s mobility more seamless and easier for citizens and commuters. The locations for eHUBS in the city (Mob Points in French) have still to be formally identified, but the first options are the train station, which will be soon complemented by a new bus station, the city events’ hub of La Sucrerie, and the Zoning Nord.

Wavre will not be the only city in Wallonia to test the concept of shared and electric mobility hubs. Plans for eHUBS are currently in the making also in the university city of Louvain-la-Neuve and, as the Walloon Minister of Mobility Philippe Henry underlines, “other cities will follow”. According to the Mr. Henry, Wallonia is planning and investing to encourage citizens to take up modes of transport that are alternative to the private car. The Mobs Points are also part of the Regional Mobility Strategy to achieve the objectives of "Vision Fast", a comprehensive project to improve mobility by 2030, by significantly emissions.

Photo credits: Shutterstock

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