Sustainable Places 2020 : an exploitation opportunity for ENERGE


27 October 2020 - 30 October 2020

The ENERGE project was present at the next Sustainable Places conference from 27th to 30th October 2020. This event was hold as a digital one.

Next to the virtual poster exhibition, ENERGE participated in the “Smart Cities and Communities” workshop. Representatives from six EU projects presented different tools and approaches of how to improve the collaboration between the different people, businesses and organisations in a smart city community when deploying innovative energy concepts like Positive Energy Districts.

Sander Smit (R2M Solution) presented the ongoing work from the ENERGE project and the instruments used to involve internal and external stakeholders. He also highlighted the natural role of educator, inspirator and connector, schools have in today’s society. In the discussion it was recognised that upcoming concepts like positive energy districts add a new layer of complexity to the organisation of energy systems but that it is necessary to control the increase of renewable energy sources in the grid.

Another key outcome was the recognition of the need to involve citizens, architects, artists, students, engineers and designers in the shaping of new, local, energy systems and an increased focus on the social and societal aspects of the energy transition. With co-creation and the involvement of students, teachers and other stakeholders at the heart of the ENERGE project, ENERGE is a good example of how to put this into practice.

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