ENERGE workshop about energy citizenship

Nice - France

6 September 2022 - 9 September 2022

ENERGE organising and presenting about Energy Citizenship at Sustainable Places 2022 conference

From September 6 till 9 the Sustainable Places conference gathered over 500 researchers, representing over 150 European projects, policy makers and business representatives from the energy, construction, and real estate domain, to share news, results, experiences, and ideas. Just like last year, this year’s edition was a hybrid event, with the possibility to attend physically in Nice, France, or to join virtually.

ENERGE took the lead in organising a joint workshop on energy citizenship called “Energy Citizenship: Must or Myth? The impact of citizen participation on local energy systems”. Representatives from five EU projects, Atelier, Bright, Making-City, +CityxChange, and POCITYF, presented strategies, tools and examples of how to involve citizens in the various design phases when deploying innovative local energy concepts like Positive Energy Districts. Marco Raugi (University of Pisa) presented new work of UNESCO on energy communities.

Marina Wellink (TU-Delft) presented ongoing work from the ENERGE project. In her presentation, Marina presented the ENERGE learning community framework that aims at improving the energy- and context-literacy of students. The framework combines technical, social, and educational aspects resulting in more informed and evidence-based actions and decisions. Also, the importance of soft knowledge and unusual contributions was being discussed. The presentations of all participating projects and a conference paper will be published on the Sustainable Places conference website shortly (https://www.sustainableplaces.eu/energy-citizenship-in-new-energy-concepts-2/)

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