ENERGE at the EU Sustainable Energy Week

On October 22nd 2021, five members of the ENERGE Project Team held an online session as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week Extended Programme. It was a great session filled with insights into various aspects of the ENERGE Project. 

Its purpose was to present several actions in order to educate and engage students of our demonstration schools to be more sustainable. Moreover, the speakers had the opportunity to introduce a replicability planning providing means for other schools to adopt this approach after the project has ended.

This presentation mainly focused on :

  • Understanding student’s behaviors
  • Teaching them how to change their behaviors to be more sustainable
  • Informing them of the impacts of their changes in behavior
  • How these practices can be combined together in a package to offer long term effects

The program was the following :

  • Introduction to session including an outline on the upcoming talks, and participant setup on Slido
    • Dr. Edelle Doherty
      Postdoctoral Researcher
      National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Topic 1: Posing the question: “By educating our future decision makers now, can we help them to make informed choices?”
    • Dr. Eoghan Clifford
      Senior Lecturer and ENERGE Project Lead
      National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Topic 2: “Understanding student’s attitudes and behaviours towards energy efficiency
    • Dr. Nadine Roudil
      Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
  • Topic 3: “Teaching students about energy efficiency
    • Dr. Eilis McLoughlin
      Associate Professor
      Center for the Advancement of STEM Teaching and Learning (CASTel), Dublin
      City University (DCU), Ireland
  • Topic 4: “Informing, giving students the information they need to know
    • Dr. Natalia Romero Herrera
      Associate Professor
      Delft University of Technology
  • Topic 5: “Sustaining, building a means of delivering long term results
    • Sander Smit
      Business Model Expert
      R2M Solution
  • Questions:
    • Dr. Edelle Doherty

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