ENERGE consortium explores business scenarios.

In an online workshop, ENERGE partners have explored various possible business scenarios for the exploitation of the ENERGE solution, which is currently under development. Since it is planned that the ENERGE partners are the ones who will collaboratively exploit the ENERGE solution after the project has finished, it is important to check what the partners think is feasible and desirable in terms of business scenarios.

In general, the scenarios with a focus on education were found more attractive compared to the scenarios focussing on energy management. Partners favoured a more open model, where the ENERGE solution would cover not only energy efficiency, but also broader topics related to sustainability or the Sustainable Development goals. It was recognised however, that his would result in a more complex solution. Partners also indicated that an ENERGE solution should be complementary with existing building energy management systems, using data from such systems for the educational materials, and not try to compete with such systems.

The combined preferred elements of the four initial business scenarios, result in the outline of a new scenario, the ENERGE business scenario. Next step is to investigate how well this new scenario fits with the preferences of the school principals, teachers, and students and third parties like energy service providers or providers of educational materials.

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