ENERGE event and General Meeting in Delft in November 2022 (1)

On Monday, 14th November, the launch of Greengage 2.0 took place in The Netherlands.

The day started at the Gymnasium Haganum a secondary school in The Hague. There the ENERGE Team introduced the new Greengage system to students and teachers. A demo for students and sociological interviews run by a French partner were set up.

After the launch at the Haganum school, an event on Energy Transition took place at TU Delft. The ENERGE team received students and teachers from Lycée Technique Ettelbruck, Luxemburg and from Haganum, as well as ENERGE partners from France, Luxembourg, Germany and Ireland. This event was targeted to secondary school teachers and professionals related to secondary school education and with a tie to energy transition.

On November 15th the ENERGE partners met again in Delft to discuss about the project management, methodology, exploitation plan and sociological task. They are now waiting for 2023 to finalize the project implementation.

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