Webinar- Fodder beets (Dutch)


2 March 2023

Fodder beet, back from nowhere ... In five years, the area under this crop has increased by about 20%. The (practical) research did not stand still either. So time to come out with the results!
During this webinar, we take a closer look at the usefulness of fodder beet in crop rotation plans. You will learn all about variety choice, diseases, storage and valorisation on your farm.


  • Usefulness of fodder beet in your crop rotation: Katrien Geudens, Hooibeekhoeve
  • Variety choice: Laura Rogge, ILVO
  • Control of Rhizoctonia solani: Eva Wambacq, Proefhoeve Bottelare HOGENT-UGent
  • Control of insects and fungal diseases: Gert Van de Ven, Hooibeekhoeve/LCV
  • Preservation: Joos LatrĂ©, Proefhoeve Bottelare HOGENT-UGent

Participation is free, but registration required. Register here.

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