2nd Stuttgart Science Festival

Stuttgart (Germany)

23 June 2022 - 2 July 2022

Stuttgart is a city of science. Almost 62,000 students are enrolled at 25 recognized universities. Stuttgart is the only city in Baden-Württemberg with two university institutions: the University of Stuttgart and the University of Hohenheim. The State University of Music and Performing Arts is the oldest and also the largest music university in Baden-Württemberg.

The German Aerospace Center presented its hydrogen driven Mubea Cargobike from the Interreg North West Europe (NWE) FCCP - Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelec project. The high performance energybox and how it works was presented. The emissionfree fuelcell technology delivers significantly more energy down to -20°C, can be refilled in seconds and is twice as durable as batteries at comparable costs. With these characteristics, it can save up to 5.5t of CO2 per year compared to a truck.

Stuttgart Science Festival

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