FCCP webinar: Introduction of Aberdeen

Online event

16 December 2021 - 16 December 2021

Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelecs: The Solution For Zero-Emission Last-Mile Delivery

The Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelec (FCCP) Project produces emission free cargo bikes, with sufficient range and constant performance through all seasons, providing significant potential to reduce emissions and congestions in cities and thus to improve liveability.

This project focusses on the replacement of combustion engine vehicles in urban freight transport with cargo bikes powered by innovative fuel cells.

Aberdeen is one of the cities involved in the project and will deploy 6 FCCPs in 2022. Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest City, and located on the North East coast. The region is well-known for its expertise in North Sea oil and gas, however it is quickly becoming a world leader in renewables as well. The region has a significant amount of on-shore and off-shore wind turbines and is widely-recognised as a World leader in the hydrogen sector.

Aberdeen City Council are continuing on their journey to make the City a centre of excellence for hydrogen and rapidly expanding the use of alternative fuels in fleet vehicles and public transport. With two publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling station already, Aberdeen is now seeking to develop a commercial supply of green hydrogen as part of the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub. The Council are involved in the FCCP project to deploy yet another hydrogen-based transport solution for the City.


Programme (90 minutes)

Introduction to the FCCP project
Cargo bike use cases
The technology
The pilot in Aberdeen
Education and training
Question & Answer session

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