Status Update August 2022

In these days a cargo bike of the model UM-Bike got the service on site at DLR:
There is a small battery in the vehicle, an update to a larger battery would possibly make sense here to increase the usability of the vehicle.
The cargo bike will be tested again at DLR, then it will be given to the partner VeloCarrier as a loan to be able to test it in Stuttgart.

The partner CSI has brought a Velove cargo bike to DLR these days. In this case, too, missing components are being checked and added. For example, a suitable container is still missing. Missing containers for cargo bikes make them virtually unusable. It is therefore essential that these be ordered and fitted.

Another Velove cargo bike with an overall system from Unicorn is being inspected. One challenge with this bike is the refueling from the hydrogen bottle. For this there is a close cooperation between DLR and Unicorn, Unicorn takes a prominent role in the project regarding technical functionality.

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