H2range GmbH was founded

For the multiplication of emission free fuel cell cargo pedelecs (FCCPs) the H2range GmbH was founded as spin off from the German Aerospace Center and Helmholtz startup in the Business Park Avantis in Aachen, Germany.

After the validation within the FCCP project, the H2range GmbH will bring the underlying emission free technology to the market.

As next steps, the prototyping will be transformed into workshop production and the business model will be shaped in order to reduce the costs of the technology.

Therefore, the H2range GmbH moved into the Business Park Avantis in Aachen in a incubator Center of startups from the RWTH Aachen University. The location provides vital infrastructure to the startups an enough space to setup a production line. The Business Park is almost on the border between the Netherlands and Germany and Belgium is just half an hour away. The proximity to technology-affine neighboring countries was welcome also for H2rangeĀ“s growth strategy.

The strong backbone of the German Aerospace Center, the founders expertise and experience and the infrastructure of the Business Park Avantis provides a good basis to multiply the emission free technology of the Interreg project FCCP.

Therefore, the H2range GmbH target on different last mile applications within the range of 1-15kW (L1e - L7e). More applications helps both, to multiply the emission free technology and to reduce their cost.

Finally, the H2range GmbH started a strategic partnership with a hydrogen tank developer and producer in order to achieve further advantages in terms of system weight, measures and costs.

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