Partner city introduction: Aberdeen

Funding under the FCCP project has allowed Aberdeen City to secure 6 fuel cell hydrogen cargo bikes which will be trialled by businesses and organisations across the Aberdeen City region. This will enable the continued expansion of hydrogen technology in the city currently supported by two existing hydrogen refuelling stations.

Bike Model: ‘EAV 2Cubed’ Cargo Bike

Max Load: 120kg

Cargo Box Dimensions: 1500 x 1000 x 1350 (lockable)

Rider Max: 100kg

Box Material: Steel

Fuel Cell: 400w

Hydrogen Requirement: ~1.2kg

Refuelling Time: ~3 minutes

Range: 600km

Turning Circle: 4.6m

Tyre Pressure: 45psi

No of gears: 5

Progress of Bike

Bike has been built and the fuel cell has been fitted. The motor, batteries and hydrogen tanks are waiting to be fitted. Delivery is expected by February 2022.

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