2019/04/24: workshop with reuse traders

Grimbergen, BE

24 April 2019 - 24 April 2019

On the 24th of April 2019, Rotor organised a seminar with several, mostly Flemish dealers in reclaimed materials. It was the very first time that such a seminar was held in Belgium. 

In the form of a large round-table discussion, the end-users discussed several topics, all concerning the current difficulties faced by the reuse sector. From the increasing scarcity in materials to salvage because of rising deconstruction costs and time pressure, to the lack of a labeling system fit for reuse materials, a whole list of obstacles preventing reuse from becoming a standard activity in the construction world was identified. 

The results of the seminar were communicated with all the Flemish dealers in reclaimed materials, and will be used by Rotor as a guideline for further research and communication with the relevant governments and companies. 

Attendees: Franck, Vandemoortel Rustieke bouwmaterialen, Westvlaamse Steencentrale, Hofman, Van Dijck, Maris Natuursteen, Rotor DC

Organised by Rotor with the support of “Vlaanderen Circulair” and “Interreg FCRBE”.

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