2019/06/11 : FCRBE at the London Circular Economy week


11 June 2019 - 11 June 2019

Rotor was invited to take part in a panel discussion in a circular economy infrastructure event in Brighton on 11th June as part of the London Circular Economy Week to share its expertise of the reuse sector to present the FCRBE project.  

The aim of the conference was to assist the local council officers and councillors understand the possibilities of adopting a circular economy approach and incorporate that knowledge within the Circular Economy Framework that is currently being developed. In general, this public event was put together to get feedback from various professionals including ROTOR.

The audience was mixed, with professionals (ranging from city planners, educators, circular economy professionals, and consultants), students, and general public interested in the circular economy.   

We took the opportunity to present how FCRBE aims to overcome the main challenges we encounter within the deconstruction sector  such as the low visibility and lack of communication between existing reuse dealers,  the lack of standardized methods for the different stages of reclaimed material logistics (packaging, transport, storage, handling and identification). The biggest issue being the lack of information and technical specifications for reclaimed materials that we aim to beat through a thorough analysis and set of publications regarding reclaimed building elements.  

This conference allowed a robust conversation around the challenges that Brighton is facing and how, with the circular economy in mind, to overcome these challenges. We had the opportunity to interact with the audience ion a more intimate level discussing different scenarios taking place in Brighton.   

We had the pleasure of sharing innovative ideas which contributed to the Brighton city council’s planning and development project. These innovative ideas are at the core of the FCRBE project and will be developed further for the next 3 years!

London Circular Economy Week

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