26-27/04/2023: Two-day study trip as part of the FCRBE project crowned with success


Reuse: a step towards more sustainable and circular construction

The FCRBE (Facilitating the Circulation of Reclaimed Building Elements) Interreg NWE project aims to increase the circulation of reused building elements in North West Europe by 50% by 2032. As part of this project, a two-day seminar was held in Brussels at the end of April.

Over the course of the two days, a wide range of people involved in the project - designers, retailers, building owners and experts in reuse - were on hand to share their experiences.

Karbon' architecture et urbanisme, Batiterre, SECO Belgium, the CSTB, AMOP (support for public contracting authorities), Citydev, Binhôme and the FCRBE Bruxelles Environnement and Rotor DC project managers all gave very informative presentations.

We also visited Rotor DC and devoted a workshop to setting targets for the reuse of materials in construction projects.

A rich exchange

Experiences and ideas were enthusiastically exchanged. The need for flexibility was mentioned several times by the parties involved.

They also stressed the importance of a clear, common terminology for reuse to avoid any miscommunication. But the main conclusion to be drawn from the seminar was that existing buildings should be maintained as far as possible, and that human and material resources should be optimised through reuse.

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