Depot Live Show(s), May 2021: outcomes


As part of the FCRBE project, Bellastock organised and hosted the DEPOT LIVE SHOW(S), a two-week-long online event aimed at gathering together reclaimed materials dealers and other project stakeholders such as contractors, building owners, architects, in order to focus and exchange on the challenges of reuse in the construction sector. 

From May 10th to 26th, three sessions dedicated to presentations, debates, exchanges and meetings took place in order to showcase reclaimed materials businesses across northwestern Europe, highlighting the reclamation activity and fostering project opportunities.

  • May 12th : Opening Conference
  • May 10th to 25th : Online businesses portraits and interviews flow
  • May 26th : Closing Conference and Mobile Exhibition Opening


Episode 1: A story of reclamation of construction materials (Rotor) (9 min)

Episode 2: Salvo, reclaim, reuse, repeat since 1991 (18 min)

Episode 3: Managing material flows in the project and in the territory (Bellastock) (13 min)



Final: Round table with reclaimed construction businesses (1hour 50 min)

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