First Steering Committee Meeting : what’s up?

The whole FCRBE team gathered in  Brussels on the afternoon of the 24th of April to take stock of the project’s progress. Partners sat together to share their views, discuss project activities and next steps. No doubt the FCRBE activities are off to a flying start!

Quick  and non-exhaustive overview on what happened since early February on the FCRBE boat :


After  completing the protocol  to conduct visits, the tour to meet 1500 reuse trader across the project area has started in France, the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. You can follow us on Instagram @1500reuse  through our journey and have a sneak-peak of the visits.  Each reuse trader is also documented on the online directories Opalis  and Salvoweb.

Partners have also started working  on:

  • data collection, through a survey  among reuse traders, to feed a statistical analysis which will measure the volume of building elements being circulated by the reuse sector in the extended project area.
  • a  truly reclaimed labelling scheme
  • a  detailed report on the existing pre-demolition practices, pre-demolition auditing tools, policies and resources for identifying, quantifying and organising the reclaim of reusable building elements.

Two side workshops have also taken place on the 24 and 25 April to further discuss:

  • the pilot operations planned for  early 2020, consisting in helping building commissioners to integrate reclaimed elements in large scale construction projects.
  • the activities aiming at facilitating  the extraction of reusable elements from a building stock which include,  among others, an open-source method to identify, audit and extract reusable elements from buildings.  


Follow us on Instagram @1500reuse through our journey and have a sneak-peak of the visits!

After the meetings, partners kept  the discussions going with Belgian craft beers at Dekkera,  whose  interior was designed with construction elements dismantled from demolition-bound buildings in Brussels. Fostering reuse of construction elements takes place at all levels!

FCRBE partners will meet again in  Brussels on 25 June with the 17 associated partners of the project for the first extended partners meeting and on the 26 June for the 2nd steering committee meeting. 

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